There is this little critic that sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear "oh, that's not cut evenly!" or "you don’t really believe that is the right colour choice, do you?" or “your stuff is really amateur-ish”. For years I would surrender to that awful little voice that planted seeds of doubt. When friends or family would compliment me on any of my stuff, I'd say "Ahh, thanks. That's kind of you to say, but I think it's [fill in criticism here]"

But lately, I've been dismembering that undermining voice and found the confidence to push the negative narrative aside, and what manifested was really quite amazing. Well, for me it was a huge shocker!

At the end of March this year, I made a plan to put together a layout that I would submit to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine’s Fall Edition for 2020. As the deadline of April 17th approached, I took the chance and submitted my design forever throwing out any doubt or disapproving concept from my thoughts. Ok, I admit… I did critique the placement of the title on the page, some habits are hard to break! Overall, I was really pleased with the layout and crossed my fingers that it would be considered for publication.

Congratulations letter from CSM

And wouldn’t you know, I received an email on Friday last week, April 24th that said my layout was selected for publication! Needless to say, I let out an exuberant “wheeeeeee!” and hollered to my kids “hey! Guess WHAT!!!” followed by about 10 minutes of gleeful giggling.

Unfortunately, I can’t post the layout just yet, I have to wait until after the issue is released but come back in September to see. Better still, pick up a copy of the magazine!

Fall layout embellishments

Since the demise of that little critic, a lot of other little positive things have happened: I have a sudden burst of creativity; I am feeling more rested, in fact I am sleeping better at night; and I got an Instagram tag by Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine for a card I crafted with the April #sctsampler.

So, if you find you are second guessing yourself, or find yourself being held back by that same impertinent little inner voice that tells you otherwise, take a chance and change that narrative. Good things might happen to you too!