So, I've put this off for a long time, not because I don't want to share my work and ideas with anyone, I just felt that once I jumped into the big pond of the internet and started blogging, I wouldn't have the time to do the other stuff I really love - like scrapbooking! There's also a part of me that struggles with originality and I admit, the words don't come easily when you're put on the spot. Constructing and maintaining a web site complete with a blog, gallery, downloads and tutorials is a lot of work and it's demanding of time and patience: two things of which I admit, I struggle with that too!

Plus, there is family and work that ultimately require time (and also patience) so as I try to juggle real life and digital life, I pledge to do my best and keep you, my very appreciated audience, coming back often and muse over my posts and maybe (big maybe!!) get inspired by some of my work.